Join The Future Of Law – APCAM International Metaverse Arbitration Moot 2023


APCAM is pleased to announce the APCAM International Metaverse Arbitration Moot 2023. We are delighted to inform you that the registration process for this international moot court competition has commenced. This presents an incredible opportunity for participation in a prestigious arbitration competition.

About APCAM:

APCAM (Asia Pacific Centre for Arbitration and Mediation) is an international ADR center formed by ten institutions from various countries in the Asia Pacific region. It provides a unified platform for resolving international business disputes through mediation and arbitration. APCAM offers a single set of rules and uniform fee structure across member countries, streamlining the resolution process. The center also maintains a common panel of accredited mediators and arbitrators, ensuring consistent and credible dispute resolution. Countries involved include India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Nepal and South Korea.

About the Competition:

The purpose of the Competition is to promote the study of arbitration and its processes, offering practical training to students for resolving international disputes in the Metaverse and related aspects.

The preference for resolving international disputes through arbitration is why this method was chosen as the tool to train law students practically. The APCAM International Meta-verse Arbitration Moot introduces delegates to the practical application of arbitration theories, techniques, and skills required in the profession. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to work as a team and learn to overcome potential challenges that may arise in a timely manner. This competition helps participants understand the cross-cultural barriers that can emerge in arbitration. The Competition aims to provide an international platform for all delegates worldwide to build and strengthen their global network.

Promoting Innovation and Education:

Set for November 2023, the APCAM International Metaverse Arbitration Moot serves as a bridge between traditional legal principles and the dynamic world of metaverse.

Unlocking the Metaverse – The moot’s 2023 proposition is already available, featuring intricate scenarios that dive into the details of arbitration within the virtual landscape. Participants will grapple with legal questions involving digital property rights, virtual contracts, jurisdictional challenges, and more. With registrations now open, this is an opportunity for legal enthusiasts to test their analytical skills and showcase their understanding of the legal complexities in the metaverse.

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Why Participate?

  • Professional Growth: Engaging with metaverse arbitration challenges will equip participants with skills and insights highly relevant in today’s digital age.
  • Networking: Connect with peers, experts, and mentors in the fields of arbitration and technology, creating valuable connections that can shape your legal journey.
  • Innovative Learning: The moot provides an immersive experience in addressing novel legal issues, fostering innovative thinking and problem-solving.
  • Internship opportunity: Internship opportunity with APCAM member institutions for the Winners of the competition.
  • Cash Prizes: There are varied cash prizes upto Rs. 1 lakh, awarded according to performance in the competition.
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How to Register?

  1. Interested applicants may register through this link:
  2. You can access the official brochure, and review the moot proposition, by visiting our website at Early registration is encouraged, as limited teams can attend this event.


  • Runner-up Team: INR 50,000/- + Discount Voucher for APCAM Arbitration Training.
  • Runner-up Team: INR 50,000/- + Discount Voucher for APCAM Arbitration Training.
  • Best Arbitration Counsel: INR 25,000/-
  • Best Memorandum Claimant: INR 25,000/-
  • Best Memorandum Respondent: INR 25,000/-

Important Dates:

  1. Commencement of Registration: August 10, 2023.
  2. Release of Proposition: August 21, 2023.
  3. Last Date of Registration for the Competition: September 18, 2023.
  4. Last Date of Submission of Electronic Copy of Statement of Claim: September 16, 2023.
  5. Last Date of Submission of Electronic Copy of Statement of Claim: November 06, 2023.
  6. Oral Rounds: November 24-26, 2023.


Virtual on the PeaceGate Online Platform.

As we embrace the digital future, the role of legal professionals in guiding the evolution of technology becomes more crucial than ever. The APCAM International Metaverse Arbitration Moot 2023 is your opportunity to be at the forefront of this journey, unraveling the legal complexities of the metaverse. Join us this November to shape the future of law in the virtual realm.

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