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“Supreme Court Rules: Registrar Cannot Conduct Substantive Review While Cancelling Society’s Registration Under WB Registration Act”

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The Supreme Court of India recently reaffirmed a significant legal principle in a case that revolves around the cancellation of a society’s registration under the West Bengal Registration Act, 1961. This judicial pronouncement upholds the earlier decision of the Calcutta High Court, which drew a clear distinction between two distinct forms of review – substantive and procedural.

At the heart of this matter is the authority of the Registrar of Society to cancel the registration of a society. The West Bengal Registration Act, 1961, governs the registration …

Supreme Court Upholds the Requirement of Serving Summons with Plaint as Mandated by Order V Rule 2 of Civil Procedure Code

In a recent significant legal pronouncement, the Supreme Court of India has unequivocally affirmed that the service envisaged under Order V Rule 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, necessitates not only the delivery of summons but also entails the concurrent service of a copy of the plaint. This pivotal interpretation of the procedural law assumes considerable importance in the context of civil litigation and has far-reaching implications for the legal landscape in the country. The case in question came before a bench comprising Justice Aniruddha Bose and Justice Bela Trivedi, where they were presented with a challenge against …