“Petitioners in Manipur Allege Lawyers’ Refusal to Represent Them in Supreme Court Citing Threats”


Senior Advocate Anand Grover, representing petitioners from Manipur, conveyed to the Supreme Court on Tuesday the distressing situation where members of a specific community in Manipur are compelled to seek relief directly from the apex court because local lawyers are reluctant to represent them, citing threats and intimidation as the reasons. This revelation underscores a concerning atmosphere of fear and coercion in the region.

Mr. Grover pointed to a specific case to illustrate his argument, where lawyers had withdrawn from representing Professor Kham Khan Suan Hausing in the Manipur High Court, further exacerbating the issue. The reluctance of lawyers to take on cases like these deprives the affected individuals of their right to legal representation and access to justice.

This development raises serious questions about the safety and security of lawyers and their clients in Manipur and highlights the need for a conducive environment where the legal fraternity can practice their profession without fear or intimidation. It also underscores the importance of protecting the fundamental principles of justice and ensuring that every citizen has equal access to legal representation and recourse to the courts.

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