Don’t Insist On Typed Copies If Documents Legible: Patna High Court To Registry


In an effort to enhance the efficiency of document management within the Registry, the Patna High Court has decided to discontinue the practice of requiring typed copies of documents to be included in case records, a practice that had been causing congestion in case bundles and impeding the seamless perusal of documents, particularly when these typed copies are placed alongside each page of the original documents.

In light of this resolution, the Court has emphasized that the insistence on typed copies of documents is no longer necessary. This change is anticipated to alleviate the burden on case bundles and facilitate more convenient access to the original documents for judicial proceedings.

However, to ensure clarity and legibility, the Stamp Reporters have been assigned the responsibility of verifying the documents presented in court. In instances where documents are found to be illegible, the Stamp Reporters will be required to provide typed copies alongside the originals. Additionally, any instances of document illegibility will be duly noted by the Stamp Reporting Section.

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