Supreme Court Deems National Law University Jodhpur’s Sole Reliance on Contractual Teachers Unacceptable, Emphasizing the Need for Regular Staff to Achieve Excellence


The Supreme Court has recently voiced its profound concerns regarding the staffing structure at the National Law University, Jodhpur, where the reliance on contractual teachers is the predominant practice. The Court categorically stated that this situation is both unacceptable and undesirable, drawing attention to the implications it carries for the quality of education and the pursuit of excellence at the institution.

The Court’s observation reflects the critical role that regular, permanent staff members play in maintaining the standards of academic institutions. It highlighted that as per the regulations set by the University Grants Commission (UGC), only up to 10 percent of the staff can be contractual. Deviating from this prescribed limit can compromise the university’s ability to offer consistent and high-quality education to its students.

This judicial intervention underscores the need for educational institutions to adhere to statutory norms and guidelines, particularly regarding staffing arrangements. The Court’s directive aims to ensure that universities maintain a balanced faculty composition that includes regular staff members, who provide stability, mentorship, and continuity in academic pursuits.

The ruling serves as a reminder to institutions across the country to prioritize the recruitment and retention of permanent faculty members to sustain academic excellence and uphold the integrity of the educational process. By advocating for the proper implementation of UGC regulations, the Supreme Court seeks to preserve the educational standards and reputation of institutions like the National Law University, Jodhpur, and, by extension, other educational bodies throughout India.

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