Supreme Court Expresses Concern Over Impact on Drivers’ Livelihood if ‘Mukund Dewangan’ Decision Is Reversed, Urges Centre to Consider Amendments to LMV License Issue


In a recent development, a Supreme Court Constitution Bench has decided to postpone the hearing on the matter of Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) Driving License. The bench has emphasized the importance of the Union Government’s intervention to consider whether the issue could be effectively addressed through amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and policy modifications.

The core question under consideration by the Constitution Bench is whether an individual holding a driving license specifically for a “light motor vehicle” should be permitted to drive heavier vehicles as well. This issue holds significant implications for drivers’ livelihoods and road safety.

The Supreme Court’s decision to defer the hearing demonstrates its commitment to thoroughly examine the matter and explore alternative solutions. By urging the Union Government to contemplate potential amendments and policy changes, the Court seeks to strike a balance between the livelihoods of drivers and the need for appropriate licensing regulations, ensuring road safety and adherence to legal standards.

This case serves as a reminder of the Court’s role in safeguarding the interests of citizens and addressing complex legal issues with a focus on practical and equitable solutions. The final outcome will likely have a far-reaching impact on the driving licensing framework in India.

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