“Supreme Court Refuses to Recall Judgment Denying Equal Pay to Ayurvedic Doctors Compared to Allopathic Doctors; Parties Advised to Pursue Review”


The Supreme Court, in a recent development, declined to entertain applications requesting the recall of its judgment delivered on April 26, 2023. In that landmark judgment, the Court had ruled that Ayurvedic doctors cannot assert a claim to receive equal pay to that of Allopathic doctors. While refusing to immediately reconsider its decision, the Court has kept the door open for the concerned parties to pursue the remedy of filing a review petition against the judgment.

The refusal to recall the judgment signifies the Court’s initial stand on the matter, making it clear that it is not inclined to revisit the issue without due process. Instead, it invites the parties to present their arguments for a review through the appropriate legal channels, allowing for a thorough examination of the case. This approach aligns with the principles of justice and legal procedure, ensuring that any reconsideration of the judgment is conducted comprehensively and in accordance with established legal protocols.

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