Supreme Court Requests NALSA Report on Progress in Implementing the Women’s Integrated Help System


In a significant development, a Division Bench of the Supreme Court has taken cognizance of a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and has issued a directive for the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) to furnish a detailed report on the progress of implementing the NALSA Women’s Integrated Help System (NWIHS-181/15100) across all States and Union Territories in India. NWIHS-181/15100 represents a groundbreaking initiative that integrates technology and legal support services to provide assistance to women in distress.

The NWIHS-181/15100 system encompasses a unique blend of the 181 women helpline and NALSA legal services. It serves as a comprehensive platform aimed at ensuring the safety and empowerment of women by providing them with access to immediate help and legal guidance when facing various forms of distress, harassment, or violence.

The Supreme Court’s directive underscores the pivotal role that NALSA’s integrated help system plays in addressing the multifaceted challenges confronted by women across the nation. By seeking a comprehensive report on the implementation status, the Court is actively monitoring and emphasizing the importance of a uniform and effective rollout of NWIHS-181/15100 in every State and Union Territory.

This development reaffirms the judiciary’s commitment to advancing gender justice and safeguarding the rights and dignity of women. It also serves as a testament to the vital role that technology can play in enhancing access to legal services and support, particularly for vulnerable segments of society.

The forthcoming report from NALSA is expected to shed light on the progress made in establishing this essential helpline and legal support system, ultimately contributing to the overall goal of creating a safer and more equitable environment for women in India.

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