“Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Kerala High Court Order on Eligibility of Legal Heirs of Former Ruler for Annuity Post Privy Purse Abolition”


On September 15, 2023, the Supreme Court took a significant step by temporarily suspending the order issued by the Kerala High Court. The Kerala High Court’s directive had mandated the State Government to provide annuity to the legal heirs of the Malayala Brahmin family, who held sovereign rights over the territory of Paravur in the contemporary Ernakulam district. In response to this decision, a bench comprising Justice Vikram Nath and Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah issued a notice pertaining to the appeal filed in this matter. This development underscores the intricacies surrounding the eligibility of legal heirs for annuity benefits following the abolition of the Privy Purse, and the Supreme Court’s intervention seeks to address and clarify these intricate legal questions.

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