‘This Retirement May Take Me Out Of Bihar But It Cannot Take Bihar Out Of Me’ : Justice AM Badar Bids Farewell To Patna High Court


A month ago from today, the Patna High Court witnessed a heartwarming full court reference as Justice Ananta Manohar Badar marked his superannuation, drawing the curtains on an illustrious legal career. Justice Badar’s tenure was celebrated not only for his judicial acumen but also for his remarkable assimilation into the cultural fabric of Bihar.

Justice Badar, who willingly ventured into Bihar despite initial apprehension due to his unfamiliarity with the state, shared his heartfelt sentiments during the full court reference while stating, “I willingly came to Patna but with a little bit of anxiousness, as was normal as I came to a State which was never visited by me at any point of time earlier. Little did I know that I would be made to feel at home by you all.”

He reminisced about his initial days at the Patna High Court, stating, “That tiny bit of anxiousness running through my veins came instantly dissolved by the warmth showered upon me by you all. I came here as a migratory bird and you all offered the entire tree to me. I thank you for providing me with the full tree by accepting me in your family. ”

“I instantaneously became a true Bihari and I’m proud of that. Now this retirement may take me out of Bihar but it cannot take Bihar out of me,” he added proudly.

He remembered his father, the late MP Badar, who was both his mentor and in whose chambers he initiated his legal practice. Justice Badar went on to say, “When I first donned the robe of a judge, I could not fathom the profound impact this honorable profession would have on my life. Throughout this incredible journey, I had the privilege of witnessing the intricate capacity of justice unfold before my very eyes. Each case that came before me was a delicate balance between the rights and responsibilities and solemn duty which we hold to protect liberty of all individuals.”

Justice Badar extended his gratitude to the Chief Justice for granting him the opportunity to work in a jurisdiction where he felt entirely at ease. He emphasized his commitment to fairness, impartiality, and compassion in every case, asserting, “I firmly believe that pursuit of justice is not merely a legal endeavor, but a moral obligation too. I tried to treat every litigant with respect and empathy. It is for you to decide whether I was fair and just in discharging my judicial functions.”

As he bid adieu to the Patna High Court, Justice Badar reflected on his time there with deep appreciation, describing it as “one of the most intellectual Courts in India – zealously guarding the rights of people in this most beautiful state having historical importance in Indian history as well as the freedom movement.”

“May the pursuit for justice forever remain a beacon that guide us towards a more just and equitable society,” he added.

Addressing the advocates and senior lawyers present during the full court reference, he said, “While on dais, I know I was a bit harsh and demanding but it was for squeezing out the best from you for doing justice to your client. There was no element of malice in it, but it was an honest attempt to decide your matter judiciously. I Believe the strength of the judiciary is the trust and faith which a common man reports in the institution.”

Justice Badar’s journey in the legal realm began with a B.Com. and LL.B. from G.S. College of Commerce and Economics, Nagpur, and University College of Law, Nagpur, respectively. He embarked on his legal career by joining his father’s chambers at the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court. Over the years, he made significant contributions in various tribunals and served as Assistant Government Pleader and Additional Public Prosecutor at the High Court of Judicature at Bombay, Nagpur Bench.

In November 2000, he entered the Maharashtra Judicial Service as a District Judge and held positions in Akola, Wardha, and Nagpur. He also served as Principal Secretary in the Law and Judiciary Department, State of Maharashtra. On March 3, 2014, he assumed the role of an Additional Judge of the Bombay High Court and later served in the Kerala High Court before joining the Patna High Court on October 20, 2021.

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